Success Stories

Moments that make us proud

Nellie's Story: The Rescue French Bulldog

Nellie came to Eureka on the brink of euthanasia, having minimal options left for her even after numerous attempts of treatment. She was undiagnosed and not in a good way. She was weak and lethargic and couldn’t keep any food or water down, she had constant diarrhea and vomiting and was severely underweight weighing just 3.5kg! But our team at Eureka knew she deserved a chance and had her signed over into their care. We didn’t know much of her history before but we know she was from a rescue and had a down life even before there, especially with her condition being left untreated and being in a crate most of her life… the perseverance of Eureka to make this little girl better started.

Then began weeks of medication trials, food trials, frequent procedures/investigations under anesthesia, blood testing, ultrasound scans, constant nappy changes due to non-stop diarrhea, despite all of this her condition was still suspicious… Emily then took nellie into her home and treated her between there and eureka, she spent most of the months nights sleeping on the floor beside her because she just couldn’t settle . Just as we thought things couldn’t get worse , a new issue unraveled and we thought we had hit rock bottom with her… but we didn’t give up! We opted for a new plan and slowly but surely started seeing improvement. She finally obtained a diagnosis of IBD ( irritable bowel disease ) and occasional suffering of ulcerative colitis .

Emily adopted Nellie and she began her new life in her household of 4 other dogs!

Everything was so new to Nellie, learning to play , what a toy was , what a lead was … it was like starting from day one. Overtime Eureka has watched her improve day by day with frequent updates from Emily and she still is going up from here . She is only on 2 types of medication now (which is easy for Nellie, compared to what she started with!) and a special hypoallergenic diet and is now 5.5kg!

In the future we hope to wean Nellie off her medication now we understand her condition more and know how to help her!

Operation Swan

Prince, this is the name that was given to a lost swan that turned up at our doorstep one day. The poor young soul was very confused and walked into the reception area, went through the hall and casually entered our kennel room. This five star, fully air-conditioned hotel had become a home for the night for Prince who was offered food, water and lots of attention. In the morning Emma, the RSPCA officer transferred Prince swan to their facilities and decided that he was ready to be released onto Conningbrook Lake. Emma chose this area because the large angling lake is also home to 18 adult swans and she was confident they would accept him. We hope that Prince will stop ‘swanning about’ and keep out of trouble once settled in his new home.

Pilgrims Hospice Sponsored Dog Walk

This was the first sponsored dog walk for Pilgrims Hospices ‘Paws 4 Pilgrims’. It was a great day attracting over 200 dogs and raising in excess of £5000 for the charity. We supported Pilgrims Hospices by helping with fund raising and providing veterinary first aid care for all our four-legged patients.

Ellie and Sophie at our stand

Sophie & Buster

Pet Care School Talks

We strongly believe that pet care awareness should be introduced to children as well as their parents. In the practice during a consultation, we have to focus on adult owners more, so our little owners might be missing out. To help them, our head nurse Ellie has become our professional veterinary care messenger in schools. This provides our ‘little owners’ with a fun way of learning and an opportunity to ask questions.

New Hyperthyroid Treatment

If your cat has hyperthyroidism then he or she is probably having to take tablets every day. We know how stressful this can be for both you and your cat so in order to try and make things easier, we have sourced a new medicine.

This medicine comes in the form of a gel, a small volume of which is applied to the inside of your cat’s ear just once a day. This is a very simple procedure which is easily learned and which most cats will tolerate very well.

We can explain and demonstrate how to apply the gel and you can also watch a short video.


A Happy Ending

This is Rocky!

Last year Rocky was brought into us by a client who could no longer look after him as her other duck had sadly passed away and Rocky was lonely. One of our nurses kindly took him to her mum’s house, who regularly takes in and rehabilitates injured birds.  

Amazingly, Rocky met a girlfriend, and he has recently become a daddy! Below are the latest sneaky snaps taken of his new little family.